" We don't smoke that shit, we just reserve the right to sell it to the young, the poor, the black, the stupid ."  -R J Reynolds Tobacco Executive


He Mihi Whakatau

E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e ngā maunga, e ngā awa, e ngā pātaka ō ngā taonga tuku iho, tēnā koutou katoa! 


Since 1998, Te Reo Mārama (TRM) was dedicated, on behalf of the Tupeka-Auahi Kore community and the wider Māori community, to tobacco resistance using advocacy as the method of conveying Māori concerns regarding tobacco.

TRM was named by kaumātua Amster Reedy to reflect the core job of enlightening people about tobacco issues that were relevant to Māori.

The main role undertaken was to advocate evidence-based positions on tobacco-related issues at a local, national and international level.

As of 30 June 2010 TRM will cease to fully operate in this role as funding for the work undertaken, via the Ministry of Health contract, was withdrawn in 2009. Instead the focus will be solely on the Māori Affairs Select Committee Inquiry on tobacco.


Māori have a tradition of resistance within Aotearoa-New Zealand. 

Tobacco and the exploitative Tobacco Industry, that exists for profit over life, is a barrier to Māoridom fulfilling its full potential. 

Resisting the Industry that profits from Māori illness and premature death continues that tradition of resistance.


‘Kia mau te kaupapa Tupeka Kore mō ngā uri Māori’

In 2006 a vision of a Tupeka Kore - Tobacco-free was presented to the National Smokefree Conference. 

If the often quoted: 'He aha te mea nui? (What is the most important thing?) He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata!' (It's people, people, people), is to have any relevance in the 21st Century then a vision of Māori without tobacco inflicting its deadly toll is both aspirational and inspirational. 

Continuing to lose over 600 Māori lives each year to tobacco is not visionary - it depletes our most precious resource 'He Tāngata' .


The ultimate legacy that lies within a Kaupapa Tupeka Kore framework is improved health, economic freedom and the ability to transmit cultural knowledge longer as 15 years of life are gained by being a Tupeka Kore: Tobacco-free Nation.


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